young Maria

Maria in 1942

Artist's Statement

For over sixty years, I have been silent about the experiences, losses and feelings of my childhood; a period of my life permanently marked by the genocide I survived. Now, with my children and grandchildren around me, I can allow the silenced but not forgotten memories to surface. This I do through my art.

From a small black and white photograph left in a drawer, I painted my family as they are enjoying an outing in the park. With colors and a brush, I brought them back into the sun to remember them and to tell their tragic story.

The ceramic sculptures I make bring to light the images I have carried hidden in my soul for many years. My sculptures are made of dust of the earth, as my beloveds, along with six million other Jews, have since become. When people, young and old look at what has emerged from my unconscious, I hope a flag of warning arises that says, “Don’t let this happen again anywhere!”  

Maria Jutasi Coleman, PhD